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Speed up diagnosis

Instead of waiting for possibly for weeks for secondary care examinations, with our Remote Diagnostics Service Platform a consultants report can be delivered to primary care/secondary  within a maximum of 5 working days. Available for sleep apnoea, 24-72H ECG and ABPM.

In need of more devices?

RemoteA’s ehealth service provides you with devices to carry out more home sleep studies which you can interpret yourself or outsource to our clinician’s. We only charge for successful fee for a sleep study carried out.

According to our statistics, as many as every other patient examined with Remote Diagnostics Service Platform is diagnosed to have sleep apnoea, one in five with heart problems and two in three with having high blood pressure.

How Remote Diagnostics Service Platform works?

Download a Guide to Faster Diagnosis of Sleep Apnoea


In the Guide you will find information in a nutshell on:

* Sleep apnoea in Great Britan

* How patients can have a specialist’s consultation in max 5 days at the primary care

* How Remote Diagnostics Sleep Service Platform works

It is very easy to start using Remote Diagnostics Service Platform. First book a Demo, after which you can trial first, and after the trial continue with a contract. How to start.

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Improving healthcare with Remote Diagnostics Service Platform

We improve healthcare for patients, healthcare providers and the whole society by providing a Remote Diagnostic Service Platform making diagnosis cheaper, better and faster. We specialise in cardiac and respiratory diagnostics.

We have developed our remote monitoring and consultation services since 2002 and by today, we have established a widespread network of general practitioners, specialist physicians and healthcare organizations in Finland, Sweden and United Kingdom. Our Service Platform is operated in approximately 300 health care units using leading Cardiologists and Respiratory Consultants.

Our solution simplifies the diagnosis of a number of common medical disorders. We supply our customer clinics with high-quality monitoring devices and the expertise of top specialist doctors, which means, that we are able to eliminate the need to refer patients elsewhere for diagnostic tests, and in a cost-effective way.

RemoteA’s ehealth service also provides you with devices to carry out more home sleep studies which you can interpret yourself or outsource to our clinician’s. We only charge for successful fee for a sleep study carried out.

Attending doctors have therefore a practical and affordable way to diagnose their patients faster, more easily and extensively, and with absolutely no investments in devices or software.

Cardiovascular diseases and sleep apnoea continue to be serious health issues in Europe, US and globally. Read more in our blog post.

Our service model is very easy and cost-efficient

RemoteA ehealth services are easy to access and use. After a 30 min demo, if you decide to take on our services, we arrange a training session, bring the devices with us and setup the browser-based analysis software. There are no costs for setup and no costs for devices. We also provide you with a trial period if needed and as our customers, you get top quality customer service by phone and email.

All of this is on a pay-per-use service model.

Remote Diagnostic Service Platform includes:

  • Easy to use and durable monitoring devices
  • Secure data transfer system linking primary care doctors and specialists
  • Sophisticated browser-based analysis software for the specialists
  • Pay-per-use, no monthly or yearly service charges etc.

The system has been designed from the start with user-friendliness, fail-safe operation, and scalability in mind – and means that it is just as easy to introduce it for a network of a handful of physicians and specialists as it is for a hospital district or dozens of clinics nationwide.


Our service products

Our service products include:

  • Home polysomnography for the analysis of sleep apnea and snoring
  • 24HR-72HR ECG monitoring for the analysis of arrhythmias and other heart-related issues
  • 24HR blood pressure monitoring for the analysis of hypertension, white-coat phenomenon and other related issues

Home polysomnography for the analysis of sleep apnoea and snoring


The data from the device is uploaded to our system and that you can interpret yourself or outsource to our clinician’s. Our Respiratory Specialist and a report is delivered within five working days.

RemoteA Sleep Apnoea monitoring is generally performed at the patient’s home. The device is very simple to use and it is set up and by the patient just before going to sleep. The data collected during the patient’s sleep includes measurements of blood oxygen levels, breathing movements, the flow of air through the airways and heart rate as well as information on snoring and body position. This data is submitted for specialist analysis.

We believe in using a qualified highly trained specialist in providing a medical specialist report on Sleep Apnoea which includes treatment recommendations. We do not believe in using devices with automated software alone.

Patient Benefits

  • Patient can be quickly tested for Sleep Apnoea
  • Device is simple to use
  • Can be carried out in the comfort of your own home making the test more representative of a normal night’s sleep
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Remote Diagnostic Service Platform is faster, cheaper ja better. Read more about these and other benefits for the healthcare.

24HR-72HR ECG monitoring for the analysis of arrhythmias and other heart-related issues



Continuous ECG registration (Holter monitoring) involves recording an electrocardiogram for a period of 24-72 hours. Electrodes connected to the wires of the Holter monitor are attached to the patient’s chest and the recording device is carried around the waist.

The device records a three-channel electrocardiogram in digital memory. The patient also maintains a diary of symptoms during the recording period. The collected data is then submitted via the Internet for analysis by a specialist, who then sends the diagnosis and recommendations for treatment.

24H blood pressure monitoring for the analysis of hypertension, white-coat phenomenon and other related issues

HOW IT WORKS: In ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM), a patient’s blood pressure is measured automatically with a portable device every 30 minutes for a period of 24 hours, resulting in a comprehensive representation of the actual blood pressure level. The ambulatory measurements take place during a normal day in the patient’s life, leading to a more realistic account of the patient’s blood pressure profile compared to traditional clinical measurements.

There are numerous benefits to ambulatory measurements, for example:

  • With the help of ABPM white coat phenomenon and reverse white coat phenomenon can be detected. White coat phenomenon is the elevating effect of a measurement performed by a health care professional. Reverse white coat phenomenon causes the blood pressure to appear lower than usual in a clinical setting. With the help of ambulatory measurements the effects of drug treatment over 24 hours can be evaluated.
  • Test results show that conventional blood pressure measurements in elderly people often produce considerably higher results compared to ambulatory measurements, which can lead to overmedication and ultimately hypotension.
  • Also, with ABPM nocturnal hypertension and variation between daytime and night-time blood pressure levels can be assessed.

Our Remote Diagnostics Service Platform is in use in 300 healthcare units in United Kingdom, Sweden and Finland. You can find our customer cases and references here.