How to Start

Take 3 easy steps to faster and more cost-effective healthcare

1. Book a Demo

In a 30 minute Demo our Client Manager demonstrates to you and your team, how Remote Diagnostics Service Platform work. Our Demo includes:

  • Walk through of the service process
  • Closer look at the medical reports
  • Mapping out steps to starting a trial

Interested in a Demo? You can either contact our Client Manager directly or you can ask him to call you simply by filling in our Demo Form below.

2. Take on a Trial Period

During a Trial Period of three months you can test our system and decide after that, whether you want to sign a contract.

100 % support from our Customer Service is provided to you also during the Trial Period, by phone or by email whenever you need.

3. Start using our Service Platform

Basically, at this point you are completely ready to continue using Remote Diagnostics Service Platform. And as during the trial period, we help you in any way we can to make your operations and also your patients experience as convenient as possible.

Our Remote Diagnostics Service Platform is in use in 300 healthcare units in United Kingdom, Sweden and Finland. See our customer cases and references here.

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Q:What Does RemoteA Do?

A: We improve healthcare for patients, healthcare institutions and societies by providing a Remote Diagnostic Service Platform making diagnosis cheaper, better and faster. We specialise in cardiac and respiratory diagnostics.

Q: Why We do What we Do?

A: There is a constant pressure to improve patient care whilst reducing operating cost. Our service allows you to do both through the use of available technology and an innovative process design. We help speed up diagnosis of certain condition whilst reducing costs.

Q: I am interested in using this service, how soon can I start?

A: It takes one meeting to demonstrate and setup the service. The training takes up to 30 minutes and all instructions manuals are provided with the devices. We provide a full phone and email support to assist you if extra help is needed.

Q: Is it possible to have a trial period?

A: Yes, we provide you with a three month trial period.

Q: What happens after the trial period?

A: After the trial period if you are happy with the service you continue to use the service as normal. The purpose of the trial period is experience the benefits of the service and to see how well it works.

Q: How much time do I need to invest to setup this system?

A: There is virtually no time need to setup the system as it works from existing technology. The only time needed is the short training needed to learn how to fit the device on the patient.

Q: Do we need to buy the devices?

A: When using our remote diagnostics services, you only pay for each consultation reports delivered. We provide you with the devices, so there is no need to invest in expensive devices.

Q: What does the Remote Diagnostics Services Platform include?

A: Pay-per-consultation include devices, training to use the devices and system,  access to the browser based software and a report from a Medical Specialist.

Is there something else you would like to know more of? We are happy to answer in case other questions arise. Please send your question to

Q:Is it possible to create a report internally by our own Specialists?

A: Yes, that is possible.