Our promise is:

A Remote specialist consultation quickly whenever needed with excellent quality of service for patients and medical staff.

With our services, patients, healthcare organisations and the whole of society get significant value through convenience and better quality of life for the patient, better use of scarce resources for the healthcare organisations and more lives saved for the society as a whole.

How does the Remote Diagnostics Service Platform affect your daily work and responsibilities, whether you are a GP, CEO, nurse, responsible for IT or financial issues in your organisation, or represent the county?

Below we have listed the different benefits our Platform will offer you, so please take a look.

Value to the patient

Value to the patient

Faster diagnosis Faster access to care if needed Ability to lead a normal life during monitoring Better quality of life More lives saved Patients can get diagnosis already at primary care level instead of getting referral to secondary care. For patients looking for help in heart problems, sleep apnoea or hypertension it means quicker diagnosis… Read more »